Gaggia Espresso Machines

Italian pioneer Achille Gaggia has been hailed as the Father of the Modern Espresso Machine. He invented the first lever piston espresso machine in 1948, forever changing the world of espresso brewing. He was driven by passion and inspiration, and the current developers at Gaggia are no different. Their dedication to their craft has allowed the renowned Gaggia name to dominate the market and retain its position as one of the most respected manufacturers of espresso machines in Italy.

Gaggia Platinum Vision 


REGULAR $2,099

The Gaggia Platinum Vision is the top of the line and its stately look makes it one of the most desired espresso machines in high-end kitchens.To make programming and adjustments simple, the Gaggia Platinum Vision uses a digital touch screen to display icons and menu options. It also boasts many features seen on the Gaggia Titanium series, such as the beverage strength system, temperature control, and a stainless steel front panel.

It has a stainless steel lined boiler and Rapid Steam technology for easy brewing and steaming without the wait. This classically designed machine features an active cup warmer, a bypass doser, a quiet and reliable ceramic burr grinder, the INTENZA water filtration system and more.

Use the menu to turn pre-infusion on or off, adjust coffee volume, program water hardness, perform rinsing and descaling cycles, and change the coffee dosage for each drink. Even the display itself can be customized to show words or icons, and the contrast can be increased for easier viewing. The Gaggia Platinum Vision speaks of great espresso, high end design, and luxury.

Gaggia Platinum Swing Up


Gaggia's focus on innovation prioritizes simplicity, ease of use and above all, the quality of the beverage.  The Gaggia Platinum Swing embodies each of these principles. Its stainless steel boiler uses Rapid Steam Technology to assure easy brewing and steaming, while the innovative backlit touch ring control panel and digital LCD screen make notifications and adjustments simple.  All of these details combine in a design emphasizing simplicity and straight lines. 

With the Pannarello frothing attachment, foaming and steaming milk is easy even for a beginner, while the Espresso Plus system gives you complete control over the intensity of your beverage, even while it's brewing.

Using the LCD screen, you can program the active cup warmer, language, aroma strength, temperature, pre-infusion, coffee dosage (Opti-Dose system), clock settings, and more.

Thanks to the stainless steel front panel and ABS plastic housing, the Gaggia Platinum Swing is easy to keep looking clean and new. 

Gaggia Platinum Vogue


The sophisticated design and high-tech brewing system of the Gaggia Platinum Vogue allow you to incorporate espresso into your lifestyle on all levels. Display the Vogue prominently, as its sleek, simple design will compliment all kind of different environments such as private offices, kitchens, and living rooms.

The Rapid Steam stainless steel boiler system provides the ideal power and temperature to pull the perfect shot of espresso, while frothing milk is made simple with the Pannarello frothing attachment.

The Vogue also features a height-adjustable cup tray, and the exclusive Espresso Plus System, which allows you to adjust the brewing pressure even as your drink is being dispensed.

Crafted to bring great taste and beauty to your home or workstation, the Gaggia Platinum Vogue is for someone serious about espresso and design, in all areas of life.  It is compatible with the Gaggia milk island and Aqua Prima water filters.