Swiss Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee and Specialty Tea
Choosing the right espresso coffee beans is essential, both to make the best tasting cup of coffee, your HEALTH and the life span of your grinder/machine.  La Strada is proud to be the exclusive Canadian importer of the Caffe Chicco d'Oro range of whole espresso beans and ground coffee.
Caffe Chicco d’Oro from Switzerland blends only top quality 100% ARABICA ESPRESSO COFFEE BEANS to achieve a flavourful and rich espresso taste.   The result is a coffee with a NATURAL LOWEST ACIDITY content of any quality espresso roast.  It has a smooth finish, it doesn’t taste bitter, and does not leave a bitter aftertaste.

That’s why it’s not surprising Chicco d’Oro is the Number One consumer-preferred espresso coffee in Switzerland, and most of the world.  And now it’s available here in Canada.

For your convenience, you can now buy the full range of Chicco d’Oro products in our Oakville or Toronto stores.  We also sell red espresso®, the world's first 100% Rooibos tea espresso.

Wholesale discounts are available on all products for larger orders.  Please call us for details at (905) 257-1260.

We recently launched our sister site, so you can now order online* and we’ll ship it straight to your door. 

*Online prices are listed in US dollars.

NEW  Chicco d'Oro Exclusiv

$18  500 grams 

Exclusiv has been created from the exclusive plantations' first choice harvest of Arabica beans. Dry roasted and low in acidity, Exclusiv roast has an intense flavour and balanced aroma and body. Roasted in Switzerland. 

Chicco d'Oro Tradition

$32  1 kg 

$17  500 grams

Chicco d'Oro Tradition is a high quality, dry roasted, low acid blend composed of the finest Central America coffee, hand-picked from the medium altitude slopes, where the climate is ideal for the coffee plant.

Selecting is done by Chicco d'Oro's specialists, who, with their exprerienced sense of taste, constantly recreate the right recipe. Roasted in Switzerland.

Cuor d'Oro Decaffeinated

$10    250 grams

SWISS WATER PROCESS (NO CHEMICALS), Decaffeinated coffee should also have the taste and full aroma of a real espresso. That's why Chicco d'Oro presents Cuor d`Oro as the best possible solution: the most up-to-date decaffeinating process for maintaining the aroma's bouquet.

The demands have been fulfilled, the difference between the decaffeinated product and the genuine original is hardly noticeable.



     Chicco d'Oro Elite   


     $9  250 grams

    Composed completely of Arabica coffees, this exquisite blend         
    unveils pure pleasure to the experienced coffee connoisseur.

    The Elite blend is dry roasted and low in acidity. Blended and             
    roasted in Switzerland.

    Chicco d'Oro Miscela Bar

    $32  1 kg 

    The accent on this blend is set on a full-bodied, dry roasted, intense aroma, low acid and delicious tell-tale froth. Miscela Bar is the professional espresso line created especially for the gastronomic industry. A genuine espresso experience. Blended and roasted in Switzerland. 

      red espresso®

    250 gr - $19.99

    red espresso is 100% Rooibos tea. The Rooibos used for red espresso is of the highest quality available.

    After brewing a cup of red espresso, you can make all standard espresso beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, cafe americano, or iced lattes and iced teas!  red espresso is made naturally with no additives, preservatives or colorants.

    $139 - illy Espresso Capsules sold by case of 6 (in-store only)

    illy Espresso Capsules - 21 capsules - 140.7 grams

    Regular Roast, Dark Roast, Lungo, Decaf, Monoarabica Ethiopia, Brazil and Guatemala are available.  

    illy’s iperEspresso System revolutionizes the preparation of espresso.

    A ground-breaking new two-stage extraction technology and patented coffee capsule create an extraordinarily smooth, full-bodied and intensely aromatic coffee with a velvety, long-lasting crema.